Coron Underwater Garden Resort

YOUR HOME where,

the roof is an enormous canvas of stars at night and a vast spread of radiance at daytime
the walls are palatial woodlands that provide towering shades of solace
the lounge is a communal area of shared amazement over glimpses of a promising sunrise and a serene sunset made better with bean bags and giant game sets
the kitchen flaunts an enticing mix of cuisines with delectable choices and a collection of local and international wines and liquors 
the garage is a showcase of a dreamy transpo hub of family motor boat, jetski, clear kayak, banana boat and 2-seater sofa boat 
Enjoy the familiarity of a home nestled in a nature’s retreat

Experience our SUN KISS LOUNGE, where you can relax and laze on the sunny terraces enjoying cocktails, reading good books or just daydream while the sun kisses your thoughts. You can also choose to immerse yourself in our pristine swimming pool and have a hearty meal at our dine-in-the-rain bistro just beside the pool area.

All of these made convenient and pleasurable by your family, a brood of friendly faces that greets you the warmest welcome, ensures you a gratifying stay and entices you with bittersweet see-you-again smiles

And soon…we will unfold more a spacious park, a children’s playground, biking and jogging lanes and a barbecue cove for more fun and activities…only here at CORON UNDERWATER GARDEN RESORT IN PALAWAN…Your Home Designed by Nature

***Motorboat transfer is free from Coron town proper (zip line) to the resort and back on your departure date. Please call our office for flight details.